Monday, August 4, 2014

And it begins

NYC hospital testing patient for possible Ebola

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City hospital says it is performing Ebola tests on a patient who recently traveled to West Africa.
Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan says a male patient with a high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms came in Monday.
The hospital says it placed the patient in strict isolation. The patient is undergoing medical screenings.

Used to be a nice country.It's just one but get ready for a bunch more.Never let a good crisis go to waste huh.That prepping thing looks better and better everyday.Hope I got enough ammo.
I know I know you never have enough ammo but a nice dent I've got in it.
I forget where I read it but somebody was going on about influenza and how many it kills each year.
That's a known to me if it happens well my number was up.No Ebola has ever been here it was preventable but the government didn't prevent it.Imagine that.
Those post-apocalyptic shows are creeping closer to reality.
Or maybe I'm just crazy a distinct possibility.


  1. AIDS was another African import.

    1. Right but we know where Ebola comes from

  2. Ebola kills healthy people.
    The flu, typically, kills the weaker portions of the population - old, very young, sick, etc.
    The flu also doesn't make you bleed out of every orifice, and ultimately LITERALLY shit your guts out!
    Anyone else get the feeling the lid is sliding off Pandora's Box?

    Whitehall, NY