Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It's so different from lottery or horse racing

More freedom from the most free state evah.
More flanking action to get into your wallet from the honorable shitbags lawmakers who deserve our undying appreciation for clarifying what they think your actions should be.

Texas lawmakers trying to legalize fantasy sports
Over a year after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton questioned whether fantasy sports are legal, state lawmakers are mulling the idea over.
Last January, Paxton likened paid fantasy sports sites to online gambling, which is illegal.
Being heard on Monday, Rep. Richard Peña Raymond (D-Laredo) filed a measure aimed to protect Texans who play online sports fantasy games. Fantasy sports would be labeled as games of skill instead of games of chance.

I'm guessing lottery is a game of skill but I'm sure that's a different story.
Why you may ask?
For the chillruns silly rabbit.Do you hate the chillruns you haters.
Only gubmint approved gambling is allowed in the Land of Liberty.
Meanwhile you go across the borders and count the Texas plates at the casinos.
Don't they know that casino gambling is verboten in Texas?
They are being very bad citizens throwing their money away on the doubleplusungood activity of doing what they damn well please as long as nobody else is harmed.
Gubmint is always on top of the important shit.
The shit they can control they have no interest in that shit.
Nope we get assholes freeing us from the scourge of Fantasy sports unlawfulness.
What a state/country.
That is all.

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