Thursday, July 27, 2017

He wasn't a gubmint employee

What did you expect 68 years for beating a white gay man almost to death.
Sorry justice is only for special citizens.
I wonder how mentally scarred he is?

2nd teen sentenced to probation for vicious attack at Dallas Target

A second Dallas teenager has been sentenced to probation for the near fatal beating of a theater manager in the parking lot of the Target store at CityPlace.
Thursday, 17-year-old Zantrall Sauls was sentenced to ten years probation for the attack on Derek Whitener.
Whitener stopped at the store on January 14, 2017. As he walked through the Target parking lot, two people approached him – one of whom was carrying a wooden rod.
Once inside the store, Whitener told employees and store security about what happened. They told him he didn’t need to call police and promised to handle the situation. Store security asked the would-be assailants to leave and later assured Whitener it was safe for him to exit the store.
When the artistic and education director of The Firehouse Theater in Farmers Branch left the store the men reappeared, one wearing a gorilla mask, and viciously beat him with the rod.

Exhibit eleventy billion of farming out your safety to motherfuckers who clearly do not have your best interests at heart.
Nobody loves you more than you do plan accordingly.
Somebody else is gonna run into these two model citizens and not be so lucky as to be in a coma for awhile.
What a city.


  1. After seeing the pictures, I am not so sure the perp was wearing a mask! You are so right when you say "justice is only for special people". I despise "hate crime laws" and that is exactly what they are. Simply put, they are laws for "special people". Hate crime legislation is one of the most bogus and dangerous laws ever passed in the history of these United States. Why should any citizen have special rights over another because of race, religion, color, or creed? I bet the local DA's head was spinning on this incident where the victim was a sodomite and black boys were the perps.

  2. After Sauls was sentenced Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson issued a statement that said, in part –

    “With the victim’s approval, Sauls was sentenced to 10 years deferred adjudication with 4 months of jail time as a condition. The victim is focused on his recovery and putting this vicious crime behind him.”

    Fuck. That. I can "focus on my recovery and put this vicious crime behind me" a whole lot better knowing the little shithead is behind bars.