Thursday, July 20, 2017

You don't hear that everyday

East Texas man pulled over on stolen shopping scooter

- Police in the East Texas town of Longview made an unusual traffic stop this week.
52-year-old Edward Dickard was pulled over after police say he stole a motorized shopping scooter from the local Walmart Wednesday morning.
Police say Dickard just drove right out of the store with it. A little bit later, they spotted their suspected scooter thief driving it down U.S. Highway 259 just north of the city limits.

What no DUI?
I was thinking this would be an alcohol related situation.
Some peoples kids.

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  1. Well, some people don't need alcohol to become less than sentient. Imagine a life where you have never had to say "Here, hold my beer!" to prepare an excuse in advance and where every morning when your feet hit the floor and you sit there in a daze, you might get an inkling that you will never get any smarter all day.