Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I'm dusting off my shocked face

Baltimore's failing schools are a tragedy of criminal proportions

Back in 2005, Emmy-award winning television drama The Wire shined a harsh light on Baltimore City Schools. It proved to be an eye-opening experience for viewers who are not familiar with the tragic plight of students in Baltimore. The show portrayed a dystopian reality for students, who faced violence and poverty, living amidst blighted neighborhoods riddled with drugs, crime and decay.
While the dramatic depiction of inner-city horror was a tragedy of almost Shakespearean proportions, the actual real-life tragedy in Baltimore is in many respects far worse. According to information uncovered by the Project Baltimore Investigation by the local Fox News affiliate WBFF, Baltimore spends roughly $1.4 billion annually on education, or roughly $16,000 per student. Baltimore’s spending on education is the fourth highest of any municipality in the country. Despite this massive commitment of resources, Baltimore schools have some of the lowest educational proficiency levels in the country.
According to Project Baltimore investigative journalist Chris Papst, reading proficiency rates among Baltimore High School graduates hover at around 11 percent, and math proficiency rates hover around 12 percent. This is in a school system that graduates roughly 70 percent of its students each year. There is clearly a major disconnection between the high graduation rate and the extremely dismal academic proficiency rate.

It certainly is surprising that a shithole like Baltimore has under performing gubmint services.
The other 3 districts with higher per student expenditures are in the same boat.
I don't even have to look it up I sense these things.
The gubmint is always looking out for you.
It's why they want all of your money and labor.
Who better than gubmint experts to decide what you deserve.
The rationale for gubmint schools has outlived it's usefulness.
But what do I know.
Well not counting readin,ritin and rithmetic.
I'm guessing nuttin.


  1. They should do what Chicago is doing. They just graduate everyone, grades don't matter, attendance doesn't matter, and I am pretty sure they are graduating deceased kids. That way they can put them right on the registered voter rolls.

  2. Your just a limp dick asshole.