Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Your feel good story of the day

Man found dead under van that fell on him while trying to steal wheels

A man who had apparently tried to steal wheels from a van was found dead Tuesday morning in Pittsburgh, with the vehicle on top of him, authorities said.
Pittsburgh police responded to the call about a fatal accident in Homewood at about 8:50 a.m.
"According to the investigation, it is believed the male victim was attempting to steal the wheels from a van when the vehicle fell on top of him," said a statement from the city's Public Safety Department.

Good riddance.
Have I mentioned I hate theives?
I do very much.
I just had a bunch of tools stolen if I could find the scumbag I would squeeze the life out of him with my bare hands much like this van did.
I actually dream about it.
Another setback to bounce back from.but I'm good at that.
If I could only get back all my stolen shit I'd be a happy man.
That is all.

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