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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

When a man loves a woman

Daily Amazon

 Another hair pulling Amazon saving story.

So I got a hole in my radiator and a blown tire.
Don't ask how I can be so lucky to have a flat tire and a trashed radiator at the same time.
Good luck has been my friend lately I don't know who I have pissed off upstairs but it must've been a doozy.
Anyways I just happened to be at an Irish auto parts store when the shitstorm happened.
Checked price there $189 for the radiator after he picked me up off the floor I said no thanks.
So I just get me a can of fix-a-flat and get some water to limp home.
Alas the hole in the tire was big enough I could probably stuck my hand in the tire.Must've run something over just perfectly enough to give me the perfect double whammy.
Anyways I got the radiator for $78.29 on Amazon and got a new tire for $89.56 from Icestone.
For less than the price of the radiator originally I got both fixed.
Of course I had to wait for delivery but for $125 I would wait a week.
Just an idea but you can save some serious coin if you can wait.
Browse below or anytime there on the sidebar it says Bubba's Amazon.

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Head shots only

Monday, May 22, 2017

I've never felt more free

This is gonna work great.
Obviously the great minds in Austin have outsmarted those meth heads finally.
I predict a meth free Texas in a matter of days.
I'm sure of it.
I've never had the need of a beaker but if I ever do I wanna be able to fucking buy it.
A permit for a beaker what a state.
Couldn't they do something helpful like discontinue converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

You don't hear that everyday

Probably overdosed on smoked turkey.
Some peoples kids.

Couple unknowingly drives onto interstate with drunk man on trunk

It's a story almost too strange to be true.
A drunk man passes out and goes for a ride on the trunk of a stranger's car down a busy Memphis interstate, and neither the drunk man nor the driver knew it.
It's amazing this man didn't fall off the car and get run over.
He is lucky to say the least. The man crawled up on the back of the car with a trunk that's only about 14 inches wide.
He was apparently curled up and passed out. Thankfully an MPD officer spotted him, but not before he went on a ride that he doesn't remember; a ride the driver will never forget.
"There's no way to describe it. It's unbelievable," said Carl Webb.

This why you don't back in to your parking space.
I don't think I've been that fucked up before.
I could be wrong bout dat do.
I wonder if Wirecutter has been?
Damn whiskey!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

News you can use

Proceed accordingly.

Psychologists say you should masturbate at work

But before you celebrate in the privacy of your own home, have you ever considered perhaps indulging in planet Earth's favourite pass time... At work?
Mark Sergeant, psychology lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, told Metro that a 'masturbation break' would be "very effective" at work and a great way to relieve tension and stress.
This was echoed by psychologist and life coach Dr Cliff Arnall: 

Thanks for giving me the okay experts.
I'm way ahead of ya'll on this one.
I usually rub one off after the safety meeting then I burn a hogleg.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You don't say?

El Duce was a swell guy

If you look past the rapes,murders and all the other malevolent crap that shitbird did.
You get this peach of a story

In bed with Benito:Sex diaries reveal Mussolini's softer side

 Mussolini's mistress, Clara Petacci, recorded intimate details of her affair with Il Duce in her journal. Her newly published diary reveals Mussolini as a sex-addicted anti-Semite who found Hitler "very likeable" -- and who occasionally suffered from impotence.

Other than being a sociopath he was lovable and cuddly.
It is good to know these things.
I now have a better appreciation for why I don't like shitbirds.

You first Einstein

A Yankees fan go figure huh.