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Monday, January 15, 2018

Dispatch from a shithole

A brawl broke out at a Bay area restaurant over lost phone.

An argument over a missing cell phone led to a brawl at a Newark pizza place that involved at least 20 people, according to one witness.
The surprise twist: It turned out the cell phone was turned into the restaurant's lost and found hours before the brawl started, police told NBC Bay Area.
The fight broke out Saturday night at John's Incredible Pizza Company at the NewPark Mall. Video captured patrons throwing punches and yelling at each other as staff members tried to separate different groups that were fighting.
Nicole Davis recorded the fight and confirmed the police account of events, telling SFGATE that at least 20 people took part in the fight and that pepper spray was deployed at one point in the brawl.

Lost and found would be the last place you'd look for anything.
Some peoples citizens I swear.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Looks like a shithole to me

Speaking truths in the land of the free and the home of the brave is verboten.
Kinda looks like a shithole 35 miles from me.

Friday, December 22, 2017

A problematic day at Chez Bubba

I just found out that my world famous burritos are one of the most racist things anywhere at anytime in history.
Don't believe me take a gander at this list 100 racist things
It's #12 read the story.
Let me tell you racism is delicious.
Being the unrepentant racist that I am I also admitting to making a world class Egg Foo Yung.
The more I think about it my cultural appropriation level is off the charts so tomorrow I will make my award winning fettucine alfredo.

 A previous appropriation but tomorrows will look very similar.

I know it looks bad folks but look I have a black dog.

That should get me a pass right?
Oh shit I forgot his name is Ragnar.
I just can't stop myself from appropriating other peoples cultures.
I'm so sorry.
Can you guys ever forgive me.

Ruh Roh

Seems like somebody's upset at yours truly over a fun little game.

Read my first comment for the REAL truth of this picture!!!!!! It is NOT aunt bea in any way shape or form. You all just do not know how to search pictures and people and years and so forth! So zman like most is WRONG!!!!! on It's time for name that babe

That's a bunch of exclamation points and capitalization so it must be serious.
Well Joe if I knew somebody would get so butthurt I wouldn't have tried to have any fun here.
I read on the internet it was Aunt Bea so it has to be true.
I would suggest you get your own blog so you can meticulously research and verify everything that you post.
Or better yet you could hit the tip jar with a big fat donation so I can hire layers of fact checkers and editors.

 Update:Rickn8or found this Aunt Bee or not Aunt Bee
 This should put this to bed. 

We must kill the enviroment in order to save it

Holiday packages are causing an environmental and recycling nightmare

 Online purchases are generating mountains of cardboard this holiday season and it’s overwhelming recycling centers in the Bay Area and abroad.
The recycling industry is calling for change.
That Amazon box that you so proudly and faithfully recycle, well it turns out a lot of you are doing it wrong.
Here at Green Waste in San Jose, they process 2,000,000 pounds of recyclables every day, making them among the top five in the country.
Emily Finn works at Green Waste and says they see one mistake all the time: people tossing the entire shipping box intact with all the packaging material inside.
“So if we peek inside, we actually see that there’s a lot of film plastic inside,” Finn said. “So what we request folks do is actually remove and separate out the film plastic, separate materials out by material type.”
Much of our recycled cardboard ends up in facilities in China.
The problem is that in recent years the U.S. has been sending recyclables contaminated with other materials — a stray piece of plastic mixed in with a cardboard for example — that can ruin an entire batch.
Starting January 1, 2018 China is cracking down. They will begin turning away shipments that have more than one percent contaminants.
San Jose State University’s Bruce Olszewski said, “China wants our stuff, they’re a huge market for us. They just like it to be a little bit cleaner.”

I bolded the bit about China for a reason.
I decided to look up how much fuel a freighter uses.
It's a shitload and they're like big giant coal rollers burning low quality bunker fuel.
It's almost as if environmental concerns aren't the reason for gubmint mandated recycling.
Telling you what you must do is.
I especially like the commiesplaining from Jenny not to buy stuff and instead give life experiences.
Don't worry Golden Staters Jenny loves you and only wants what's best for you.
The end of a barrel of a gun comes later after you been given a chance to mend your polluting ways.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

More news from the Freedom state

New Texas law helps with bullying

News flash it won't help one bit.

Texas teachers have a new tool to help fight bullying. The new law known as David’s Law gives them more authority over students.
The educators are taking their fight against bullying off campus and online. In the past, schools only handled bullying on campus. Now they can discipline students for messages they send sitting in their own bedroom.
“If anything occurs outside the school setting, but it interferes with the educational environment of the student during the school day, even though it occurred outside school hours, it can be addressed,” said Manuel Castruita, the director of counseling at El Paso ISD.
The law requires administrators to inform parents of victims and bullies about incidents. And districts must create a policy to reporting bullying and how students can get counseling.

Any law that has a name such as this is going to be terrible.
Parents will regret this monstrosity immediately.
Do you have any idea how many teachers are complete dolts.
Unintended consequences are a real bitch.
I will laugh my ass off the minute they manifest.
"Educators"can't even do their primary mission of educating so by all means let's put them in charge of all childhood problems.
I think I would have been better served by some touchy feely when I got bullied instead of my old mans solution of suck it up and do something about it buttercup or maybe not.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

You don't hear that everyday

Missing cookie led to domestic attack

DECEMBER 20--Angered that someone ate the last of his favorite chocolate chip cookies, a Florida man allegedly punched his live-in girlfriend in the face when she “did not want to argue over something so petty,” according to a police report.
Richard Hessic, 31, was arrested Thursday evening on a domestic battery charge following a confrontation in the Port St. Lucie home he shares with the victim, a 34-year-old nurse.
The 6’ 4” Hessic, who works as a butcher, will be arraigned December 28 on the misdemeanor count.
In an interview with cops responding to a 911 call, Hessic said that he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend “over cookies.” An investigator noted that Hessic “was upset someone ate the last chocolate chip cookie,” and was also angry “at his girlfriend for not taking him seriously.” Believing that she was “blowing him off,” Hessic said that he ripped down the curtain as the woman was showering.
The victim told a sheriff’s deputy that Hessic was angry that “the last of his favorite cookies were eaten.” The missing cookie was of less importance to the woman, who said she joked about “reviewing the surveillance cameras to see who ate the cookie.” The victim added that she “did not want to argue over something so petty” and told Hessic that she would purchase more cookies for him.

Was it a Mrs. Fields cookie?
If it's anything else then I'm against senseless violence perpetrated by oversized boys.
From the looks of this asshole it was probably a Chips A Hoy.
Nothing wrong with those but nothing to get your diapers in a wad over.
Some peoples assholes.

Meanwhile at Jedburger

Thursday, December 14, 2017

You don't hear that everyday

Suburban cop shot son for drinking his vodka

A west suburban police sergeant allegedly tried to kill his adult son for stealing his vodka, prosecutors said Thursday.
CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.
Raymond Leuser, 48, was ordered held without bond as prosecutors laid out the alleged motive for Tuesday’s shooting at Leuser’s home on Chicago’s Southwest Side.
Leuser is a sergeant with the Indian Head Park Police Department and once served as interim chief.
Now, he is charged with attempting to murder his 22-year-son.
In court Thursday afternoon, prosecutors offered this narrative:
Leuser called in sick on Monday, stopped by a convenience store and bought vodka, pizza and popcorn. Around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, the son drank three cups of the vodka and replaced it with water.
At some point, Leuser discovered the switch. When his son walked into the kitchen, the elder Leuser shot him in the stomach, thigh and shoulders .

He feared he would run out of vodka.
Looks like vodka is life to him.
Seems like a reasonable use of force to me.
A textbook case of a hero doing the right thing.
Some peoples parents man.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

You don't hear that everyday

Drunk McDonald's customer who ordered 200 hash browns arrested

A man has been arrested after staff reported him to the police for ordering 200 hash browns.
The unnamed 30-year-old, from New South Wales in Australia, was hauled away in cuffs after spitefully ordering 25 lbs. of the treats after being told the drive-thru had ran out of chicken nuggets.
After learning the bad news at 4:30 a.m., he reportedly made the $172 order before lapping the Sydney drive-thru four times.
When cops arrived he was still berating the restaurant staff while waiting for his hash browns, which had not arrived.

But wait there's more Mickey D's shenanigans

Woman charged with battery after McDonalds bacon argument turns physical

A woman was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery following an altercation at a Florida McDonald’s.
Widna St. Jean was at a Golden Gate, FL, McDonald’s around 9:30 p.m. Thursday when a woman from the drive-thru came into the store to complain about the bacon on her sandwich. According to a Collier County Sheriff’s Office report, the woman alleged that her sandwich did not have fresh bacon.
McDonald’s staff informed the woman that the bacon was fresh, but she did not believe them, instead claiming that she was a former McDonald’s employee and knew it was not fresh bacon, the report continued.
The 24-year-old St. Jean said she began arguing with the woman who had come in, because St. Jean did not like the way the woman was talking to her friend who was working, KTLA 5 reports.
Eventually, the woman was given new bacon and left the McDonald’s to get back into her red Nissan. St. Jean left soon after and saw the woman outside in her car, where the argument started again and then escalated.

Some peoples kids I swear.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

A sign the end times are near

NJ snow storm quickly makes impact and cancels snowball fight at Six Flags

The Saturday snowstorm took a while to get started in New Jersey but quickly coated grass and highways.
Route 195 is the dividing line for snow amounts of 2-4 inches north of the interstate and 3-5 inches south, according to New Jersey 101.5 Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow. Snow was falling at varying intensities in every county of the state by 11:30 a.m.
“I think it’s also a good idea to proclaim what this storm will not bring to New Jersey. No coastal flooding. No beach erosion. Little to no icing. Few to no power outages. No ferocious winter winds (it will be breezy though). No extreme cold (it will be chilly though),” Zarrow said.
Speed limits on the entire lengths of both the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway was reduced to 45 mph.
Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson closed the park for the day and canceled their scheduled attempt to break the record for world’s largest snowball fight.

This is the most idiotic thing I have read all day.
I suspect the #1 liberty and doughnut lover took his family to Six Flags.
How else can you explain snow cancelling the worlds largest snowball fight and closing Six Flags?.
The stupid is strong in that area.

I could be talked into it