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Sunday, April 23, 2017

If I was King

What did they fucking expect?

Top 10 causes of death aren't the same for men and women

Watching an autopsy has a way of changing one's view on death. Every single one of us -- rich, poor, white, black, male, female, religious, atheist -- will one day be on a cold metallic cart with a tag on our toe. And the medical examiner will open us up, poke around, extract and weigh a few organs, then ship your lifeless corpse on to the funeral home.
So, the question isn't if we are going to die, but when and how. Science has little to say about the former, but it has collected quite a bit of data on the latter. That's what makes the CDC's weekly report on the dead and dying so morbidly fascinating.
This week, the CDC listed the top 10 causes of death for Americans based on sex. The top 10 causes of death are not the same for men and women. (See chart.)

I'm shocked to find the hold my beer hypothesis mentioned.
I believe it is a quantifiable phenomenon.
I am unsurprised by the divergence of  causes it's almost as if the two sexes are somehow different in many and documented ways.
Maybe it's because I deal with the world the way it is not the way I wish it to be.
I'm cool like that.
That is all.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Too sick to blog

Just checking in I'm sick as fuck,
Blogging will continue when I can see straight.
Work however had to continue so I'm going to sleep now.
Hopefully tomorrow but it don't look promising.
That is all.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I hate tomatoes

People I love love them so I'm tickled pink about my maters.
I've never been able to grow them very well.
This is my first time getting maters from all the blooms.
I used to get a onesie or twosie here or there.
This time I am getting the results I have been searching for.
Being hardheaded like me has advantages.
I wasn't gonna let those assholes get the best of me.
Behold the apples of Bubba's eyes.

Next time I'll update on the garden.
I'm starting to get fairly good at this.
This makes me very happy so y'all will just have to bear with me here.
The silliness and all that other stuff will return soon.
That is all.

It's all fun and games till somebody loses an eye

Shhhhhh nobody tell OSHA

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Time for some Pork'n Beans

I would prefer Beanie Weenie time but that's just me.

That's why I eat meat

I love the environment unlike vegans and vegetarians and other assorted hippies.
I bet Bill Nye the "science"guy loves asparagus.

Friday, March 31, 2017