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Friday, October 13, 2017

Been there done that

The list is long.
Peoples authoritah means nothing to me.
I would take a paddlin often.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

To them that wish me ill

Sorry still kickin assholes.
To those who don't still kickin just haven't been feeling it.
One of those if I feel like it I'll post something.
Hold on I'll check to see if I have anything.
Nope just checking in is all I got.
That is all.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Everything's better in Texas not just bigger

New Yorker helping Harvey victims gets first sweet taste of What-A-Burger

  Even first responders need breaks while helping Harvey recovery efforts in Texas, and one New Yorker took the opportunity to get his “first sweet taste” of Whataburger.
“These Texas guys wanna tell me that this is the burger – this is the official Texas burger,” the man said in a video posted by Whataburger on Twitter.
Whataburger got its start in Corpus Christi. The city was devastated when Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas over a week ago.

If you haven't had one you won't understand.
Roy Rogers or diner burgers just don't compare he'll be craving a #2 with cheese back in Gotham I guarantee it.
Plus I'm from Texas so you know the title of this post is the truth.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hurricane what hurricane

I was blissfully unaware I wasn't paying attention to it.
Then I was asked Wed. afternoon to run to San Marcos Dripping Springs  to put in some doors.
Me being me I said hell yeah I ain't ever skeert of making money.
So I'm heading south and the first time I get an inkling of Harvey was the DOT signs saying not to travel to coast.
I thought to myself this throws another potential snafu inducing situation to an already snafu rich enviroment such as my unplanned last minute dash to the unknown.
Fuck it I'm nothing if not an adaptable and overcoming type motherfucker I thought.
Of course it was much more than a "couple of doors" but I knew that from jump.
After many hiccups I got all done that I could before the first outer bands started rolling in.
Then I bailed before the deluge there was no way I was riding out the storm in the Hill Country you could get cut off very easily.
I was hearing 20 to 40 inches of rain that' a shit ton.
Anyways my reason for the MIA this time
Last time was 600 mile booty call but that would be another even longer reason for post.
I am a man of adventure I tell ya.
That is all.