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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

You gotta see this fucking thing

This is better than the guy who advertises needing a beer run in Decatur every weekend.
I shit you not.

This 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix is 50% off on Craigslist

The phrase "there are no words" is used to describe something so outlandish that it's better to let the situation explain itself. In the case of this 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix for sale on Chicago's Craigslist, there are words. In fact, there are many words to describe this car. So many that we don't quite know where to begin. 
Let's start with the listing itself. It doesn't have a lot of information, but it touches on the important points.
"One of a kind 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix. This car was an original 4dr that has been cut and sectioned. Runs and drives. Needs some finish work. $1500"
Yes, this Grand Prix is "one of a kind" and could use "some finish work," which could be the automotive understatement of the year. Maybe they meant to say "some parts don't need finish work, most do." Being a 1991 Grand Prix, the parts that don't need "finish work" probably need regular work.

Holy sheepshit Batman that is some kinda fucked up.
I'd need to get it at 75% off  to work my Ed China like magic though.