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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Monday, May 29, 2017

Yesterday at Chez Bubba

My first pepper harvest which I promptly turned into these puppies.

They were sublimely sublime.
Followed up with the World Famous Bubba;s pork tenderloin with scalloped taters and black eyed peas with pork neck bones and ham.

Washed down with last years strawberry wine it was a very good day.
Rainy but that never stops a grillin around here we ain't skeert of much.
What's even better is I get it all again today with no work.
It's almost like I planned it.

Stormy Monday

My #1 Allman Brothers tune.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5 million

I just noticed I hit the number.
Ok I've now hit every goal I had when I started.
I guess I now need more goals to strive for.
I don't know when it happened but I'm guessing around Monday sometime.
Today works though tomorrow is my birthday.
If you wanna buy me a drink to celebrate this most auspicious convergence of good things for Bubba
hit the tip jar.
I will direct your gift to my favorite bartender and raise one in your honor.
If you don't want to it's cool thanks for stopping by my corner of the net.
That is all.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A lot of what ifs

What if Jackson was at Gettysburg?
Is it coincidence that the high water mark was reached so soon after his death.
I think not but that's just me Lee's other subordinates were considerably lacking in what Jackson had.

Lieutenant General Thomas J."Stonewall"Jackson

 Thomas Jonathan Jackson was known as “Stonewall,” but “the Christian soldier” would have been a more appropriate title. his military experience was in artillery, yet he excelled as a commander of infantry. Soldiers adored him, despite the fact that he was a tight-lipped, stern-disciplined eccentric. Fellow generals were in awe of him because his silence concealed a fiery combativeness smoldering deep inside. Although he was in the field but two years during the Civil War, he more than any other individual became the radiant hope of the Southern cause. more astounding are the number of people – past and present – who assert that had he not died in 1863, his genius would have enabled the Confederate States to achieve their independence. Such was the mystique of Thomas J. Jackson.

General Ewell isn't a name that strikes fear in yellowbellies hearts.
I bet Jackson did.

Read the whole thing as they say.