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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Let's ask a Saudi Arabian bout that.

Or maybe a Taliban or any other tango type motherfucker.
I would call her a guided missile or maybe a half smart bomb.
It's so easy to be a smug know it all asshole where English is spoken.
Funny that,huh?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dear Anonymous

My mom has something to say to you.

She also said suck her dick.
She has a gloryhole so you can be anonymous like the pussy you are.
Butthurt over a blog post is not very manly honey it must be a heavy flow month.
Some peoples kids I swear.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Good thing that's not a muslim

A fuckton of of "americans"would be offended by such h8.
Personally I'm not shocked that people are shitheads.
Everybody is capable there are no saints.
I'm not offended by her shenanigans people should be allowed to broadcast just how lame and meaningless their "feelz" culture really is.
Anyways I'm not easily offended anyways I'm American like that.
That is all.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Meanwhile at Jedburger Academy

Don't worry I ain't forgot

I ain't as dumb as I look.

Don't forget Castro was a monster

Fidel Castro entered Havana on January 8, 1959, to wild acclaim from all quarters. Most Cubans were jubilant; Castro was promising an end to the corrupt governments that had plagued Cuba since independence. Far from any Communism, Castro was promising a revolution "as green as Cuba's palm trees!" with national elections in three months. Private property would be secure, a free press guaranteed, friendly relations with the U.S. were essential.

"Fidel esta es tu casa!" read impromptu signs that were springing up across the front of thousands of Cuban homes, including mansions, humble country shacks and everything in between.

The New York Times had been singing Castro's praises since the first interview with him as a rebel in February 1957. By now most of the international press had joined the cheerleading.

All the usual suspects were in play just like today.
RTWT you'll see our favorite phrase "Social Justice".
If you've got SJ it's gonna be a bad time.
Fake news ain't no new phenomenon.
Like I said I've been woke about commies all my life.

Friday, February 3, 2017

I think of things like this every Aug.6th and 9th

This and every other dastardly act by the noble peace loving Japs.

The sack of Manila

Manila has been destroyed. The once proud city of the Far East is dead. Its churches, convents, and universities are piles of rubble, bombed and burned beyond recognition. Its civilian population have been raped and burned, starved and murdered, its women mutilated, its babies bayoneted.
The order that brought this about came directly from Tokyo. Reliable evidence based on interrogation of prisoners of war, military personnel, Philippine officials and civilians, and Japanese documents reveals the staggering fact that the Sack of Manila and its attendant horrors were not the act of a crazed garrison in a last-ditch, berserk defense, but the coldly planned purpose of the Japanese high command.
Early in December, 1944, the puppet President Laurel, made a futile attempt to have Manila declared an open city. General Yamashita made a vague promise and even drafted plans for that possibility, then flew to Tokyo. But on his return, he moved his headquarters and the puppet government to Baguio. From that date, accelerated defense preparations in Manila forecasted its doom.

It would take a shitload of posts to document the almost innumerable identical acts of savagery 
across the Orient.
But what do I know I'm just an American and that means I must be subject to the moral equivalency bullshit of liberals and commies.
Don't get me started on the indigenous noble savages of the stolen Americas.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The crazier the name the more savage the animal

Second teen arrested in Craigslist's murder

- Tampa police have made a second arrest in the murder of a Pasco man who was killed right in front of his teenage son during a Craigslist transaction Wednesday. 
Detectives first arrested Ramontrae Williams, 16, Wednesday evening and charged him with first-degree murder and robbery. They said they found the stolen dirtbike near his home. 
But the other suspect was still at large
Detectives soon identified 17-year-old Dontae Johnson as the second suspect. Late Wednesday night, Johnson was taken into custody.
James Beck had planned to meet Williams and Johnson after they expressed interest in a dirtbike his son had listed for sale on Craigslist.
But when Beck and his 15-year-old son met the two teens, he quickly realized that they actually intended to rob him. Police say as Beck was attempting to leave, Johnson shot him. Meanwhile, Williams stole the dirt bike.

 Hands up don't shoot indeed.
Their mommies baby daddy was unavailable for comment.
They could be obummer's sons.
Black lives matter as if.
You want these people to get with the program but they won't.
It's always the man keepin em down.
Look in the mirror assholes.
I'm sure it's all my fault what with me being a privileged non-stealing non-murdering white male American.
Call me racist.
Like I give a fuck anymore.
Shitbirds are shitbirds the overwhelming majority of whom are some kinda hyphenated American.
Some peoples parasites.
Pro tip be strapped at all Craigslist transactions.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

To whoever keeps crying to Google

Just so you know it doesn't affect me in the least.
It only causes the folks who come by here headaches.
That I feel kinda bad about cuz it's a hassle having to click through.
But click thru they do it doesn't seem to drag down my number of visits a day.
You'll have to come up with a better plan to upset me.
I don't have to click thru.
So to the people who don't get their panties in a wad over what I say and do.
Continue on I will get off Google one day so you don't have to click thru.
I would have already done it but they want the whole year up front.
I find my money better spent chasing women and other assorted shit that the asshole wouldn't approve of either.
Maybe when the Amazon dollars start coming back in I will make the jump.
Until then curse the eunuch who disapproves of this blog and the awesome purveyor of excellence who runs it.
That is all.