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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Tweeted from Lake Como,Italy

There's a dark cloud hanging over our country

“If you go to our country…depending on what side of the aisle you sit on, it’s probably the angriest I’ve ever seen it,” he noted. “There’s a dark cloud hanging over our country right now.” But he added: “I’m an optimist…I believe that we will get through all these things…but people are angry; a lot of us are angry.”
The “Suburbicon” director also underlined that the film “isn’t a movie about Donald Trump. … This is a movie about our coming to terms constantly with the idea that we have never fully addressed our issues with race.”

I don't know about y'all but I ain't all that angry.
Maybe they should see a head shrinker for their anger issues
My intelligence privilege see's through these dolt's charade of patriotic worry about a country one of em don't even live in.
If the hildebeest was prezzy do you think we would be hearing about dark clouds or atoning for sins I have not or never would commit.
I think we know the answer to that one.
The hate and anger comes from idiots who care not about you,me or country such as it is.
Much like the holier than thou asshats who do nothing to come to terms with any issue other than cast aspersions at Americans of the non-commie nature.
I predict another bomb from the ultimate bomb maker.
What an asshole that dude is.
Now I'm angry thanks George you fuckhead.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

See they are special

Heroes get special dispensations.
You not so much.

Ft.Lauderdale hotel guest punches valet

Rodriguez is seen lying unconscious for about 20 seconds, and while passed out, the guest places the valet’s arms behind his back, in a manner that a police officer would when detaining someone.
The valet then regained consciousness. “I challenged the guy. I asked him, ‘What the hell are you doing?'” he said.
But he would not get an answer from the guest.
According to hotel staff, the man identified himself as a former Atlanta-area police officer. Employees identified him as John Kiernan of New Smyrna Beach.
“He was just angry,” said Rodriguez.

I don't have to do any research to know he's a cop.
Ask yourself if it was you would you go to jail?
Not even charges for this heroic act.
Takes a special mentality to be him.
Some peoples heroes.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Yelling shouting and pointing guns at folks

Sounds familiar ain't that supposed to be doubleplusungood?
None of the perpetrators will get so much as a slap on the wrist let alone 68 years.

We'll never be the same

The police report would claim it all kicked off at 7:38 a.m., but Bob Harte later thought it had to be earlier.
His 7:20 a.m. alarm had just yanked him awake. Got to get the kids — a boy in seventh grade, a girl in kindergarten — ready for school. Then he heard, like a starter’s pistol setting everything into motion, the first pounding on the front door of his home in Leawood, Kan., a bedroom suburb south of Kansas City. It was thunderous. It didn’t stop. Should I get up? Bob thought. Should I not? Sounded like the house was coming down, he would recall later.
Wearing only gym shorts, the stocky 51-year-old left his wife in bed and shuffled downstairs. The solid front door had a small window carved at eye-level, one-foot-square. As he approached, Bob saw the porch was clogged with police officers. Immediately after opening the door, seven members of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) pressed into the house brandishing guns and a battering ram. Bob found himself flat on floor, hands behind his head, his eyes locked on the boots of the officer standing over him with an AR-15 assault rifle. “Are there kids?” the officers were yelling. “Where are the kids?”
“And I’m laying there staring at this guy’s boots fearing for my kids’ lives, trying to tell them where my children are,” Harte recalled later in a deposition on July 9, 2015. “They are sending these guys with their guns drawn running upstairs to bust into my children’s house, bedroom, wake them out of bed.”
Harte’s wife, Addie, bolted downstairs with the children. Their son put his hands up when he saw the guns. The family of four were eventually placed on a couch as police continued to search the property. The officers would only say they were searching for narcotics.

That drug war is glorious ain't it.
Exhibit eleventy billion of it's different when they do it.
Lying liars in charge of what's wrong or right.
The only people the judges and cops care about are judges and cops.
Seems like the only mental scarring that counts is if you wear jackboots or enable the said jackbooters.
Happens everyday don't you just feel the freedom.
What a country.
I'd rather have the gubmint airdrop free drugs everywhere than have this shit going on.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

He wasn't a gubmint employee

What did you expect 68 years for beating a white gay man almost to death.
Sorry justice is only for special citizens.
I wonder how mentally scarred he is?

2nd teen sentenced to probation for vicious attack at Dallas Target

A second Dallas teenager has been sentenced to probation for the near fatal beating of a theater manager in the parking lot of the Target store at CityPlace.
Thursday, 17-year-old Zantrall Sauls was sentenced to ten years probation for the attack on Derek Whitener.
Whitener stopped at the store on January 14, 2017. As he walked through the Target parking lot, two people approached him – one of whom was carrying a wooden rod.
Once inside the store, Whitener told employees and store security about what happened. They told him he didn’t need to call police and promised to handle the situation. Store security asked the would-be assailants to leave and later assured Whitener it was safe for him to exit the store.
When the artistic and education director of The Firehouse Theater in Farmers Branch left the store the men reappeared, one wearing a gorilla mask, and viciously beat him with the rod.

Exhibit eleventy billion of farming out your safety to motherfuckers who clearly do not have your best interests at heart.
Nobody loves you more than you do plan accordingly.
Somebody else is gonna run into these two model citizens and not be so lucky as to be in a coma for awhile.
What a city.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Let's ask a Saudi Arabian bout that.

Or maybe a Taliban or any other tango type motherfucker.
I would call her a guided missile or maybe a half smart bomb.
It's so easy to be a smug know it all asshole where English is spoken.
Funny that,huh?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dear Anonymous

My mom has something to say to you.

She also said suck her dick.
She has a gloryhole so you can be anonymous like the pussy you are.
Butthurt over a blog post is not very manly honey it must be a heavy flow month.
Some peoples kids I swear.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Good thing that's not a muslim

A fuckton of of "americans"would be offended by such h8.
Personally I'm not shocked that people are shitheads.
Everybody is capable there are no saints.
I'm not offended by her shenanigans people should be allowed to broadcast just how lame and meaningless their "feelz" culture really is.
Anyways I'm not easily offended anyways I'm American like that.
That is all.