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Saturday, December 23, 2017

The only thing that matters is the heroes went home

Family demands justice for 6 year old boy killed by police gunfire

The family of a slain 6-year-old boy wants justice after the child was killed by police gunfire near San Antonio.
Kameron Prescott was shot and killed when police opened fire at the Pecan Grove mobile home park this week in pursuit of a suspect. His uncle, Christopher Gonzales, said he’s angry and saddened by his nephew’s death. “It is shocking really,” he told CBS affiliate KENS-TV. “It hasn’t even hit us to the full extent yet.”
Prescott’s family painfully said goodbye to the young boy, who they said was always smiling. “We all put our hands on him and prayed on him, stuff like that,” Gonzales said. “We are that kind of family.”
Gonzales said the 6-year-old wouldn’t normally be at the mobile home but was visiting his father for Christmas break.

Sorry bout your luck.
Odds are you won't get any.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

You wouldn't want run into him in a dark alley

Or slow rollin a stop sign.

Dallas officer arrested for family violence assault

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas police officer was arrested by the Aubrey Police Department Saturday morning for family violence assault. The officer was arrested last month for theft at a Walmart in Cross Roads, Texas.
The officer was identified as Christopher Hankins. Dallas police say he’s been with the department since August 2014.
According to police, Hawkins was already on administrative leave from a pending investigation for a theft arrest last month, after walking out of a Walmart with more than $800 worth of groceries He remains on administrative leave.

There's more felonies out there.
I'm guessing a murder could at least get a sternly worded letter in his file.
A hero.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

You don't hear that everyday

Suburban cop shot son for drinking his vodka

A west suburban police sergeant allegedly tried to kill his adult son for stealing his vodka, prosecutors said Thursday.
CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.
Raymond Leuser, 48, was ordered held without bond as prosecutors laid out the alleged motive for Tuesday’s shooting at Leuser’s home on Chicago’s Southwest Side.
Leuser is a sergeant with the Indian Head Park Police Department and once served as interim chief.
Now, he is charged with attempting to murder his 22-year-son.
In court Thursday afternoon, prosecutors offered this narrative:
Leuser called in sick on Monday, stopped by a convenience store and bought vodka, pizza and popcorn. Around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, the son drank three cups of the vodka and replaced it with water.
At some point, Leuser discovered the switch. When his son walked into the kitchen, the elder Leuser shot him in the stomach, thigh and shoulders .

He feared he would run out of vodka.
Looks like vodka is life to him.
Seems like a reasonable use of force to me.
A textbook case of a hero doing the right thing.
Some peoples parents man.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

This just in to BNN

OMFG I'm shocked.

Texas Tech shooter was too young to have gun under campus carry law,police say

A Texas law letting students carry firearms on college campuses did not contribute to the fatal shooting Monday of a Texas Tech police officer.
Hollis Daniels, a 19-year-old Texas Tech student, has been charged in the killing of the police officer. 
Campus police brought Daniels to the campus police station after finding evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia in his dorm room. At the station, the freshman pulled out a gun and allegedly shot an officer in the head before fleeing on foot. Daniels was later apprehended by campus police near the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum and has been charged with capital murder of a peace officer.

Not only that but how did he have drugs that are illegal.
Doesn't he know there are laws against such things.
He probably didn't know murder was illegal too.
I'm pretty sure if there were just one more law everything would be OK.
That drug war is a real sweet deal,huh.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

If you have nothing to hide

You have nothing to fear.
Just do what you're told and everything will be peachy.
Remember that doozy.

Nebraska patrol required invasive vaginal exams for female hires

The Nebraska State Patrol has for years forced female recruits to submit to invasive, medically unnecessary pelvic exams performed by a male doctor before they can be hired, according to a new federal lawsuit that has prompted a criminal investigation.
State Trooper Brienne Splittgerber filed the lawsuit Tuesday against the patrol, the state of Nebraska, two former patrol heads and various other people, accusing them of creating a hostile work environment for women.
"Immediately upon learning of these allegations in June, the Governor instructed his Chief Human Resources Officer to review this matter, which has subsequently resulted in a criminal investigation by the State Patrol," Taylor Gage, a spokesman for Gov. Pete Ricketts, said in a written statement Wednesday.
State Patrol spokesman Cody Thomas said no NSP recruits have undergone the pelvic exams since December 2016. Thomas did not comment on who was under investigation.
The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, saying women recruits for years have been required to undress from the waist down for a vaginal and rectal examination. The lawsuit says Splittgerber was told the exam was required to check for hernias, but male recruits were generally not required to undress or undergo such invasive exams.
"Subjecting the plaintiff and other female trooper candidates to a medically unnecessary and sexually invasive procedure is outrageous conduct which goes beyond all possible bounds of decency and is utterly intolerable in a civilized community," according to the lawsuit, filed by Omaha attorney Tom White.

I predict the crack detectives they assign this case will come up with the ole snafu fubar interpretation of statute trick.
Imagine what they do to the perps.
I actually find it funny when cops find out what assholes cops are.
Dudley Do Rights indeed.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

See they are special

Heroes get special dispensations.
You not so much.

Ft.Lauderdale hotel guest punches valet

Rodriguez is seen lying unconscious for about 20 seconds, and while passed out, the guest places the valet’s arms behind his back, in a manner that a police officer would when detaining someone.
The valet then regained consciousness. “I challenged the guy. I asked him, ‘What the hell are you doing?'” he said.
But he would not get an answer from the guest.
According to hotel staff, the man identified himself as a former Atlanta-area police officer. Employees identified him as John Kiernan of New Smyrna Beach.
“He was just angry,” said Rodriguez.

I don't have to do any research to know he's a cop.
Ask yourself if it was you would you go to jail?
Not even charges for this heroic act.
Takes a special mentality to be him.
Some peoples heroes.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Yelling shouting and pointing guns at folks

Sounds familiar ain't that supposed to be doubleplusungood?
None of the perpetrators will get so much as a slap on the wrist let alone 68 years.

We'll never be the same

The police report would claim it all kicked off at 7:38 a.m., but Bob Harte later thought it had to be earlier.
His 7:20 a.m. alarm had just yanked him awake. Got to get the kids — a boy in seventh grade, a girl in kindergarten — ready for school. Then he heard, like a starter’s pistol setting everything into motion, the first pounding on the front door of his home in Leawood, Kan., a bedroom suburb south of Kansas City. It was thunderous. It didn’t stop. Should I get up? Bob thought. Should I not? Sounded like the house was coming down, he would recall later.
Wearing only gym shorts, the stocky 51-year-old left his wife in bed and shuffled downstairs. The solid front door had a small window carved at eye-level, one-foot-square. As he approached, Bob saw the porch was clogged with police officers. Immediately after opening the door, seven members of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) pressed into the house brandishing guns and a battering ram. Bob found himself flat on floor, hands behind his head, his eyes locked on the boots of the officer standing over him with an AR-15 assault rifle. “Are there kids?” the officers were yelling. “Where are the kids?”
“And I’m laying there staring at this guy’s boots fearing for my kids’ lives, trying to tell them where my children are,” Harte recalled later in a deposition on July 9, 2015. “They are sending these guys with their guns drawn running upstairs to bust into my children’s house, bedroom, wake them out of bed.”
Harte’s wife, Addie, bolted downstairs with the children. Their son put his hands up when he saw the guns. The family of four were eventually placed on a couch as police continued to search the property. The officers would only say they were searching for narcotics.

That drug war is glorious ain't it.
Exhibit eleventy billion of it's different when they do it.
Lying liars in charge of what's wrong or right.
The only people the judges and cops care about are judges and cops.
Seems like the only mental scarring that counts is if you wear jackboots or enable the said jackbooters.
Happens everyday don't you just feel the freedom.
What a country.
I'd rather have the gubmint airdrop free drugs everywhere than have this shit going on.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The takeaway is kill em next time

If you go.
Go big.

Participant in Cliven Bundy standoff sentenced to 68 years in prison

The weight of a heavy sentence landed in the quiet federal courtroom Wednesday morning, leaving Gregory Burleson occasionally stroking his graying beard and his attorney pleading unsuccessfully for leniency.
The 53-year-old Burleson was the first to be sentenced for his role in the 2014 standoff between federal agents and supporters of Cliven Bundy near his Nevada ranch.
He got 68 years in prison.
U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro did take into account his blindness and frailty — he sat in a wheelchair during the hearing — but she also reminded Burleson of his crimes, which included threatening a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice and interstate travel in aid of extortion.
She said agents — who hunkered down in a wash while Bundy supporters trained guns on them, recorded them and shouted at them — were scarred from the experience and suffered mental trauma.
“That isn’t something that heals over with a scab,” Navarro said. “You can’t put it in a cast or stitch it up.”

Yelling shouting and pointing guns at folks is normal operating procedure for the government.
But that's different I guess.
Murderers get less time than that.
Just goes to show they are better than you and you better not fucking forget it you serfs.
What a country.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

You're doing it wrong

Officer shoots self in leg during firearms training

An officer's gun accidentally discharged while training with the Passaic County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday, causing a leg injury.
The corrections officer, who is with the sheriff's department, was transported to St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, spokesman Bill Maer said.
The officer was treated for a "non-serious" flesh wound on the leg and was released within an hour.

I wonder who/what startled him?
It's called a negligent discharge you nimrod.
Don't you feel safe New Jerseyians?
Some peoples heroes I swear.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Never call the cops part eleventy billion

Nothing good ever comes of it.

Police officer who shot Justine Diamond is identified

The police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman in mysterious circumstances after she called 911 to report a disturbance behind her upscale Minneapolis home has been identified.
Mohamed Noor, who joined the department in March 2015, shot Justine Damond, 40, multiple times from the passenger seat of his squad car while she spoke to his colleague wearing only her pajamas. 
The driver of the squad car that pulled up in the alley behind the home Damond shared with her fiance has been identified as Matthew Harrity, a community service officer since 2016. 
Both officer's bodycams were off and the squad car camera not recording when the Australian native was killed at around 11.30pm on Saturday, just a month before she was due to marry. 

Only cops have the training necessary to keep you safe.
Except for all those many times they don't.
No word yet from the BLM pukes on this most diverse killing.
My guess his excuse will be his culture demands white blonde libtards should be executed anytime they are encountered.
I predict no riots or endless alphabet soup talking heads doing the "I'm white don't shoot" routine.
Funny that,huh.
I wonder what LeBron thinks about this that's what I wanna hear.
A big bonus would be an co-oped from Obummer and the Mooch.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

You wanted WAR!!!

Lots of unpleasant shit happens in a war.

Mass search of Georgia high school included sexual assault and other hero shenanigans

 Back in April, I wrote about a mass drug search of 900 Georgia high school students. The search was done without a warrant and based on tips from students who had been questioned about a string of robberies. Those students told police there may be illicit drugs at the school. It included pat-downs and drug dog inspections of bags, lockers and cars. It all turned up nothing. It was the second such search in a month. Both were likely mass violations of the students’ Fourth Amendment rights.

Let us take a look at that pesky amendment.

Even teenagers are citizens despite what the commies tell you.
I would wager that the most of the most outraged of the outraged parents are lock em all up types.
All I got to say bout that is.
You and yours might not be interested in the consequences of any type of gubmint war on anything but eventually it becomes very interested in you.
Do you feel safe?
You'll never be safe but you can be free.
I prefer free.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

That takes training a whole shitload of it

Deputy who fired gun in school waives hearing

The charges stem from an incident that occurred in November inside the Bay City Western High School and Middle School building at 500 W. Midland Road in Auburn.
Police reports obtained by MLive/The Bay City Times via a Freedom of Information Act request state Brown, the school's resource officer, at about 12:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 11, was in the school's robotics classroom with another teacher. They used a force machine to test the trigger pull on Brown's personal Springfield EMP 9mm handgun.
After the pair left the room, Brown returned alone and used the machine to test the trigger pull on his .380-caliber Sig Sauer, another personal handgun that he brought into the school that day. The gun was not empty of bullets and the experiment caused the gun to fire a round through two pieces of drywall. The projectile entered a classroom containing about 30 students, traveled toward the ceiling, scraped a tile, proceeded to hit a cement wall, ricocheted off it, careened across the room, and struck teacher Brenda Amthor in the neck.
Amthor was sitting at her desk when struck by the bullet. She was uninjured apart from a small scratch, police reports state.

Ignoring any of the 4 rules requires swift justice with no leniency.
Yeah like that's gonna happen.
I don't think police are trustworthy enough to have firearms.
Negligent discharges theft of firearms from vehicles an all around poor record of firearm handling and marksmanship equals no guns for you.
That's what the law thinks of you why not them?

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Never call the cops ever

Even if you're a cop.

Officer shot by backup during traffic stop

FORT WORTH -- A Weatherford police officer is expected to be okay after being accidentally shot by his backup partner during a traffic stop on Thursday night.
According to Weatherford police, Officer Chris Bumpas was making the stop at 9:14 p.m. outside the Tequila Bar Y Grill on Tin Top Road when he found one of the three people in the car had an outstanding warrant. That led to an altercation, and police said the suspect began hitting Bumpas in the head with a flashlight.
A backup officer tried to use a Taser on the suspect but it had no effect, according to police, so he drew his gun and fired shots. The suspect was hit and Bumpas was also struck in the abdomen.

Holy sheepshit Batman don't they know you ain't supposed to just throw rounds downrange.
It seems Dudley Do Right wanted to be the only one going home safe that night.
He's the kinda guy who would shoot ya in the leg if a bear was chasing ya.
Must be all that special training some peoples kids get.
All that over a warrant you know it's a bullshit one too.
If it was serious they would be sure and let you know how heroic they truly think they are.