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Monday, November 6, 2017

I thought chicks dug guns?

Heh looks like a NASCAR race

More goodness here NFL continues to suffer massive number of empty seats

It's over Johnny NASCAR addresses declining attendance TV viewership

NASCAR is in trouble.
The sport’s attendance and TV viewership numbers have been in a free fall for almost a decade. The lengthy list of reasons includes the Great Recession, the rise of cord-cutting, the comforts of home-viewing, confusing rule changes and the supposed political correctness of the drivers.
And even though Sunday’s AAA Texas 500 is a critical race in NASCAR’s playoffs, the crowd at Texas Motor Speedway won’t approach the 191,000 who turned out for the spring race 10 years ago.
Before the 2013 season, NASCAR announced that it would no longer provide attendance statistics. At the time, 21 of the 23 tracks were publicly owned by officials who didn’t want to release those numbers because they didn’t want to provide “earnings guidance.”

I tried to tell them but they were to busy smoking crack.
It's all good though I don't even miss it.
You could have offered me a free ticket and beer and I wouldn't have made 50 mile drive to TMS. 
Just like I don't miss the less than lackluster NFL.
Even my Cowboys don't make the cut.
Good riddance.
Oh yeah I almost forgot fuck Jerry Jones.


I'm higher than that

Friday, October 20, 2017