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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

You don't hear that everyday

DC comic book characters lives matter or DCCBCLM

Police shoot unarmed Batman cosplayers at Australian sex party

Australian police shot a man dressed as the Joker and a woman dressed as Harley Quinn late Saturday night after being called to the nightclub Inflation where a costumed sex party was taking place.
While the Harley Quinn cosplayer merely sustained a non-lethal flesh wound in her leg, her partner was rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he was initially in critical condition before eventually being stabilized. According to the police, they opened fire on the couple because the man dressed as the Joker allegedly brandished a gun at them. But security for the event said they verified the gun was not real, and witnesses who were attending the “Saints & Sinner Ball” claim the man was not holding it at the time of the shooting. 

Why didn't Batman think of this.
Seems like a no brainer.
Probably no room on his utility belt for a holster.
If he wasn't diddling Catwoman all the damn time he could have spotted the dastardly duo and gotten all the glory.
Some peoples superheroes I swear.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

You don't hear that everyday

Three men admit converting nuclear bunker into cannabis factory

Three men have admitted their part in running a large-scale cannabis factory from an underground nuclear bunker. Martin Fillery, 45, Plamen Nguyen, 27, and Ross Winter, 30, admitted conspiracy to produce class B drugs and abstracting electricity.
Wiltshire police discovered more than 4,000 cannabis plants, capable of producing £2m worth of drugs a year, during a midnight raid on RGHQ Chilmark. The underground nuclear bunker was constructed in the 1980s to house local government in the event of a nuclear attack during the height of the cold war.
RGHQ Chilmark is no longer owned by the Ministry of Defence but is still intact, with the nuclear blast doors making the site almost impenetrable.

My heroes don't wear capes.
They do have brass balls like this trio though.
I think these are the kind of immigrants any country should be encouraging to come.
Gubmints don't want immigrants that spread happiness for a small fee they prefer murderous 7th century savages and brown people who will only pick gubmint approved plants.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

You don't hear that everyday

Man drowns himself in lake using concrete weight containing wife's head

VIENNA -- A man strangled and dismembered his wife, entombed her head in concrete and then used the concrete block as a weight to drown himself in an Austrian lake, authorities said Tuesday.
Police official Gottfried Mitterlehner said the couple were a 72-year old man and his 71-year old wife from Germany but did not further identify them.

Leave it to a German to overengineer a solution to a problem.
Usually I try and get away from the ole ball and chain.But that's just me.
I think he's trying to say something with this action.
What I don't know I suspect he was batshit crazy though.
Some peoples grandparents man.