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Friday, December 22, 2017

The Fuhrer of Smoke Nazis

Furious non-smoker chops off his roommates head and penis because he was sick of the smell

A FURIOUS non-smoker cut his roommate into pieces and chopped off his penis because he couldn't stand him smoking in the flat.
The mutilated remains of motor mechanic Eduard Assylov, 37, were discovered by his horrified neighbours in Moscow.
Police initially thought the man, who was single, had been the victim of an attack by a love rival, given the severity and nature of the injuries.
But shortly after the victim’s 45-year-old roommate, who has not been named, confessed to the crime.
The man told officers he couldn’t stand the victim’s smoking, after moving to the capital from the city of Irkutsk in Siberia to work as a driver.
He said the pair had often argued about cigarettes, but that on this occasion he had gone “berserk” after he’d sparked up and had attacked him with a knife.

Seems extreme but that's just me YMMV.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Daily Amazon

 Another hair pulling Amazon saving story.

So I got a hole in my radiator and a blown tire.
Don't ask how I can be so lucky to have a flat tire and a trashed radiator at the same time.
Good luck has been my friend lately I don't know who I have pissed off upstairs but it must've been a doozy.
Anyways I just happened to be at an Irish auto parts store when the shitstorm happened.
Checked price there $189 for the radiator after he picked me up off the floor I said no thanks.
So I just get me a can of fix-a-flat and get some water to limp home.
Alas the hole in the tire was big enough I could probably stuck my hand in the tire.Must've run something over just perfectly enough to give me the perfect double whammy.
Anyways I got the radiator for $78.29 on Amazon and got a new tire for $89.56 from Icestone.
For less than the price of the radiator originally I got both fixed.
Of course I had to wait for delivery but for $125 I would wait a week.
Just an idea but you can save some serious coin if you can wait.
Browse below or anytime there on the sidebar it says Bubba's Amazon.

Parts you need

 Got Preps

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

You don't hear that everyday

Car launches 210 feet onto frozen Minnesota lake,driver survives

ALEXANDRIA, Minn. — The fact that 38-year-old James Sundby of Wadena is alive after driving his car off an embankment, flying over 210 feet of open water and coming to rest on the ice of Lake L’Homme Dieu is what Alexandria Police Chief Rick Wyffels calls a “miracle.”
After surviving the crash, Sundby apparently waded through the frigid lake water and then in and out of a nearby home before law enforcement could find him.
At 3:28 a.m. Saturday, the Alexandria Police Department received a call reporting that a man had shown up in someone’s home covered in blood and stating he had crashed his car.

Holy sheepshit Batman.
Lucky fucker.

Friday, February 24, 2017

If fishing is this important to you

Get a new hobby loser.

Angry anglers lead to attacks,feces smearing at Florida pier

One Florida fishing pier is cracking down on vengeful fishermen who have gone as far as defecating on the pier’s in order to mark their space.
According to Florida Today, the good fishing at the Sebastian Inlet pier has led to increasing disputes among anglers, including aggressive tactics like throwing fishing weights and gear at each other and boaters, and the boaters sometimes retaliating in kind.
The problem doesn’t quiet at night, leading officials to consider closing the pier at night because injuries, including two victims being taken to the hospital.
"We've had reports of people defecating and spreading it on the rail to mark their territory so nobody will fish next to them," administrator for the Sebastian Inlet District Martin Smithson told Florida Today. "There have been several citations for public urination."

Florida man syndrome is a terminal disease.
There is no cure.
Let's find the cure for this before it is all under water.
Or maybe global warming is the cure.
Miami and NYC as artificial reefs I'm all for it.
I would suggest rightful liberty as a solution but that would be too easy.
Instead they will get government intervention at least they got that going for them.
Some peoples kids I swear.